Efficient and environmentally friendly heating

Five steps to efficient and environmentally responsible wood burning (image 6 will not be used)

- Leave 1-2 cm ash in the base.
- Place 1 or 2 firelighters in the middle of the grille.
- To light the stove, place small, dry logs and twigs around the firelighters with plenty of space between them.
- Make sure the air intake is fully open.
- As long as the flames are yellow, do not reduce the airflow.
- Reduce airflow when the flames become bluish in colour.
- Add more logs while the wood is still glowing strongly. For cleanest combustion, never burn more than 2-3 logs at a time.

If you have previously owned an older wood-burning stove, you may have to adapt as today’s stoves work more efficiently and differently than older models.

How to fire correct in a Varde stove