All Varde stoves go through a close quality inspection, and we take pride in always delivering products of a consistent quality. This being so, manufacturing faults may still occur, and on these we offer a 5 year warranty.

The warranty does not include:

· Wearing parts, such as the Vermiculite fire bricks in the combustion chamber, the smoke
plate, glass, gaskets, cast iron bottom and the shaking grate.
· Damages which occur as a consequence of misuse, such as overheating, incorrect installation,
missing or wrong maintenance etc. (see instructions earlier).
· Damages caused by external influences of a physical character.
· Cost of transportation in connection with warranty repairs.
· Assembling/reassembling in connection with warranty repairs.
· Compensation for following damages, including damage on other objects.

Warranty conditions:

These instructions for use are also your proof of warranty. The warranty will not take effect until vendor’s stamp, information about model, registration number and date of purchase (invoice if possible) have been applied below. In case of claims, please bring this proof of warranty to your local vendor.