Varde Ovne and the environment

When you heat your home with wood, you are in close contact with nature. Fell a tree, and then stack the wood to allow it to dry. Bring logs indoors, light your stove and enjoy the heat that permeates the room. This is a truly valuable way of exploiting nature’s gifts. And this is why we at Varde Ovne are and always have been devoted to utilising our natural resources with care and respect.

All Varde Ovne stoves are CO2 neutral and highly efficient. The wood absorbs just as much CO2 while it grows in its natural environment as it emits when it is burned in a Varde Ovne stove, which means that you make no negative impact on the environment when you use a stove from Varde Ovne.

The use of the internet generates large amounts of CO2 because of the power consumption. The servers behind the websites consume power, however, the larger amount is consumed by the internet users when they use their computers, monitors, modems, etc.
Varde Ovne care about the climate and the environment and we have therefore decided to neutralise the CO2 emission resulting from the use of our website.
Through this initiative, large as well as small companies from all industries co-operate to neutralise the CO2 generated by their websites.
The scheme is administered by which neutralises the CO2 emission from websites and users through measurable reductions of CO2. These reductions include setting up new renewable energy sources - wind turbines, for instance – and participating in certified CO2 reducing projects.

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